Puppy Diet Tips

The world is full of different recommendations regarding dog feeding. Almost every dog ​​owner has an opinion on which is the best way to feed a dog and on various online forums the discussion goes hot about which of all feeding methods is really best - while not forgetting that each dog is an individual and can have different allergies and challenges where diet plays a big role. So how should you find a suitable feeding method for your puppy in the jungle of opinion? Easy! Whatever direction you follow, your puppy needs balanced whole feed to support growth.

Whole Foods come in various forms:

  • dry
  • wet food
  • fresh feed

You can also assemble the puppy's food yourself from various fresh food products or homemade food. Then you need to add the necessary nutritional supplements for the puppy to have healthy growth. 

What the puppy needs

In order for your puppy to get the best possible conditions for healthy growth, you should provide the food that contains meat and which provides it with enough energy and the right amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. We can recommend “dr marty dog food” you can read dr marty's nature's blend reviews on the link.High-quality feed specially developed for puppies contains everything your little dog needs. Puppies need a lot of energy and easy-to-digest ingredients because the digestive system is not fully developed yet. The breeder often sends feed of the kind that the puppy has eaten before. If you want to change the puppy's diet, do it only when the puppy has installed himself in his new home and let it take time. The staff in our stores can help you choose the right food for your dog. 

In most cases, the puppy is both vaccinated and unmasked when you pick it up from the breeder (the first vaccine is given at 8 weeks of age). Then it is your responsibility to top up the vaccine. At the age of 12 weeks, it is time for the first filling dose. Then it's time again when the puppy turns 1 year.

Signs that the puppy is getting the right diet

  • The coat is shiny and the skin looks healthy, the puppy does not itch and rub on himself.
  • The stool is firm in shape, the stomach works well and the nutrition is absorbed by the body.
  • The puppy's breath does not smell bad.
  • The eyes are clear and not flowy.
  • The puppy has enough energy.


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